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Nomad 2 Released!

And the magic number is 3. Only three parts are carried over from the original Nomad. Sound familiar? The big news though, is the rumoured switch to Ford power is confirmed, with the installation of

Club Cats are Back!

If you’ve got an MOT coming up and you specced your car for maximum performance, you may be wondering how it will fair during the MOT (assuming your car’s in in the UK). Many owners

Pistonheads Annual Service 10/08/24

Yep, another opportunity to display your car at Bicester Heritage, this time for the Piston heads Annual Service. Be quick if you would like to secure tickets for this as the event always sells out.

Coffee Run

Bicester Heritage 19th May

The club have been invited to attend the Bicester Heritage Coffee Run on the 19th May. If you’d like to attend for free, simply go here to order a free ticket and then add you

T Time (track time, that is)

Its often said that driving your Ariel on track is like visiting another planet – it’s an experience that is is other-worldly and not much else on Planet Earth can come close. And now with

Let’s get our group on!

One if the wonderful things about our amazing Ariel vehicles is that it is almost impossible to find 2 that are identical. Each one is built to its owners specifications (and if you ever want

If in doubt, flat out!

Sadly, the late, great Colin Mcrae never got to drive a Nomad around a private rally stage deep in the Welsh countryside, but eight Ariel Club members did. The lucky eight spent the day at

Collecting Cars Bicester Heritage Meet

We’ve been invited to participate in a club display at the forthcoming Collection Cars event at Bicester Heritage on September 11th. The organisers (including one Chris ‘Monkey’ Harris) are looking to have over 1000 cars