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150 Years of Ariel Festival

Join Ariel in celebrating 150 years of the Ariel brand, and 20 years of the Ariel Motor company and the Atom.  All owners and enthusiasts are welcome to join the fun activities from the 7th

Welsh Weekend: 1-5 May 2020

Wales has some of the UK’s finest roads and is a frequent Ariel Club destination. This year we are going on the first weekend of May. Join us for some or all of the long

2020 South East Breakfast Meets

On the third Sunday of every month, from April to October, we get up early to drive on some great roads (while they’re empty) and meet up for breakfast. We vary the location each month

Season Kick-off Run: 5 April 2020

Time to celebrate and use your Ariel a bit more as the weather warms up. Meet up early to drive on some of our favourite roads, followed by a pub lunch. Follow the plans on

Pyrenees 2020

Atom owner Graeme Weineck is organising a nine-day Ariel Club road trip around the Pyrenees from 24 June until 3 July 2020. We will take the ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao, explore the Pyrenees, stay

London Dawn Raid: 9 June 2019

Join us for this year’s London Dawn Raid. An early Sunday morning run through empty London streets, covering all the main sites, roads and tunnels, finishing up with tea, coffee and brunch at a landmark

Midsummer Gas 2019: 28-30 June

Ariel Club are pleased to announce this Midsummer Gas 2019, over the weekend of 28–30 June. This will be the second Midsummer Gas, after 2018’s successful inaugural MSG for club members and their guests. It’s the

Season Kick-off Run (South): 7 April 2019

We plan to have a Sunday kick-off run in spring 2019, similar to the run out from Winchester in July 2018. Meet for breakfast followed by a blast on fine roads, ending with a pub