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There are two ways to join Ariel Club: as a forum-only member or as a full club member.

Forum-only membership is free and lets you browse and post on most sections of the Ariel Club forum.

Full club membership costs £30 a year. It gives you a number of benefits that include: discounts on labour rates with the Ariel factory, discounted insurance with some UK insurers and access to popular sections of the forum such as the Events and Technical discussion threads, as well as access to the private clubroom where you’ll learn so much stuff that £30 will seem a cheap price to pay for the collective brains of Ariel owners.

The club fee funds things like web technology, site hosting, accountancy and all the bits and pieces that keep the club afloat. All club officials are volunteers and not paid for the time they put in.

Full club membership is paid as an annual, recurring subscription via PayPal – on the red button below. You can also pay by debit or credit card through PayPal. You will need to sign up to PayPal or have an existing account to join Ariel Club. Once subscribed, you are free to cancel at any time – then it won’t renew on the next payment date.

If you joined before 1 January 2019, in our shop, you will have to use the button below to renew.

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