Membership terms



Application for membership shall be via the PayPal sign-up form. The Board has discretion to accept or reject any application without giving a reason (Article 4). The application must be made with the requisite subscription fee. Upon acceptance, Members will be issued with a Membership Confirmation letter – usually within 7 days – stating their name (as entered on the form), membership number and membership expiry date that can be used as proof of club membership.

PLEASE NOTE:  Please ensure you use the same email address/ID for membership sign up as you do for payment, otherwise you may experience account activation delays.



Memberships will be automatically renewed, via PayPal, on the anniversary of enrolment. It is incumbent upon a Member to ensure that their PayPal account is current and capable of satisfying the renewal demand. Upon renewal, the Member will receive an updated membership Confirmation letter – usually within 7 days – with their new expiry date. Equally, if membership renewal is not required, the auto-renewal instruction via PayPal must be terminated by the Member prior to the next renewal date.



Membership can be terminated at any time by The Board without giving a reason. Membership can be terminated by a Member at any time through serving notice to the Membership Secretary. Failure to collect payment for a membership renewal will automatically be deemed as a Member serving notice to withdraw from the company.



New memberships can be terminated as outlined above and will be fully refunded after an initial 14 day cooling-off period. After this period, including the auto-renewal of annual membership fees at any time, memberships may be terminated as outlined above, but will not be subject to full or partial refund.


Articles of Association

You can read our Articles of Association by clicking the link below.  They are a jolly riveting read!

Ariel Club Ltd Articles of Association