About us

What is Ariel Club?

Ariel Club is the official club for Ariel vehicle owners and enthusiasts and is based in the UK. It is an evolution of the original Ariel Atom Owners Club which voted for an all-inclusive club in 2016. If you own an Ariel Atom, Nomad or Ace, or dream of owning one, you’re one of us. You’ll find plenty here to get excited about as the enhanced club and website grows.

We offer events, opinions, reviews, technical guides, club and Ariel news – and a shop for gear that’s exclusive to Ariel Club. You can only buy Ariel Club stuff here. As always, our forum is open 24×7 for a chat or technical advice.

Ariel Club is run by unpaid volunteers and all club fees and shop profits go straight into making the club a better place – and we encourage all club members to submit stories, pictures, videos or news for publication on here. Get in touch or go straight to joining. You know you want to.

Our aims

  • To assist with the organisation of suitable trips and events.
  • To encourage and assist with safe, skilled and fast driving.
  • To act as a central point for owners to log into and discuss their experience of the vehicles.
  • To gather feedback from owners to suggest changes and improvements to the factory.
  • To work to negotiate club discounts with Ariel and third parties.
  • To provide unbiased and comprehensive information to potential owners.
  • To provide assistance to owners relating to ownership of the vehicles by harnessing the efforts and skills of other members.
  • To seek to promote the vehicles and the Ariel brand.
  • To provide online services such as a forum, reviews, documentation, photo/video galleries, cars for sale, kit etc.
  • To design and sell club merchandise.

Alex Brandon-Smith

Having been an active club member and owner for a number of years, Alex became president of the old Ariel Atom Owners Club in 2016. His first job was to relaunch the club with the help of some rather clever members. Under the new name of Ariel Club, and bringing together a new website and forum, the new club allows all Ariel vehicle owners to come together as a global club in one space. Hopefully you like what you see and the team have achieved their goal. Investor, property landlord, business partner and husband to Ginette at Lucina Fitness, Alex occasionally finds the time for trackdays, skiing and watching the rugby!

Ariel Club

Anything not posted on ariel.club by club officials is posted under this label. It will usually be club news, updates, events or guides.

Graeme Weineck

Graeme is our events coordinator. As a recent convert to the Ariel brand, he’s on his first Atom. He has just retired after a career in airline IT and spends part of his time on a new passion – helping to organise and promote club tours and events.

Karl Vosper

Karl is our membership secretary. Having been an Ariel owner for 10 years, first with an Atom and now a Nomad, Karl has a passion for IT and much enjoys driving his ‘analogue’ car – especially with other Arielists – to get away from the world of computer screens.

Phil Hough

Phil is the IT man at Ariel Club. He has been a petrolhead and a geek from a young age. The third car (one neither his wife nor he needed for work) suddenly opened the doors for some fun machinery. The most extreme of which, to date, is the Atom. Luckily, he still has a little room for a motorbike or three in the garage, too.