Club Cats are Back!

If you’ve got an MOT coming up and you specced your car for maximum performance, you may be wondering how it will fair during the MOT (assuming your car’s in in the UK). Many owners who ticked the ‘decat’ box when they ordered their 2, 3, 3.5 or 4 may not have thought about what happens 3 years down the road, when it’s time to get the Ariel MOT’d.

Now, of course, catalytic converters are required for road use, so you should have one fitted if you are out and about on the King’s highways and byways, but just in case your’s has dropped off come MOT time, you can be a cool cat and borrow the one of the clubs.

It’s a free service open to all members, on a first come first serve basis. Simply drop us a line to request the cat and we’ll put you in touch with the current holder of the unit you require. They will then contact you to arrange shipping/collection at their cost. Then, once you have finished with it (2 weeks max) you will be asked to ship it to the next person or return it the Club. All you pay is the cost of the onward shipping.

We have cats available for Honda powered Nat Aspirated, Supercharged and newer (4) turbo cars – when asked nine out ten non-cat owners said they preferred Club Cats!

To get you request in just head over to the forum board and see who has the cat, and get your name down. Go here now: Cat booking thread

Posted by Steve Wind-Mozley

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