Insuring an Ariel can be ‘interesting’.  It can also be expensive, so we thought we’d try and help out a little.  Fully paid up members of the club will be able to use their membership number to claim a discount (of between 5 and 15%) from selected insurers.  Currently this is for those represented by Adrian Flux, but we are talking to other companies to widen the offer. 

Below is a list of insurance companies that, to the best of our knowledge, will insure Ariel cars in the UK, although a mention here doesn’t represent an endorsement by Ariel Club. We simply want to give you the widest range to talk to. Some will include track day use, some at an extra cost and some not at all.  If you are a full member of the club, don’t forget to mention this when you ask for a quote, as some insurers will use this to weight their risk profile downwards in your favour, and some, Like Adrian Flux will give an upfront discount.

A-Plan 01635 874646
Adrian Flux 0800 369 8590
Classic Line 01455 639000
HIC 0330 123 1844
Lloyd & Whyte 01823 250700
MSM 01279 870535
Pace Ward 01782 286311
REIS 0115 965 1020
Moris 020 3427 5960

If you want help with insurance for an Ariel Ace, you’ll need a specialist motorcycle insurer.

We’d love to make this page more international, so if you have had a good experience of insuring your Ariel vehicle outside UK, please do let us know by using the form here