Nomad 2 Released!

And the magic number is 3. Only three parts are carried over from the original Nomad. Sound familiar? The big news though, is the rumoured switch to Ford power is confirmed, with the installation of a Ford ST 2.3L revealed. Generating 305bhp, and up to a frankly astounding 518Nm of torque, the Nomad 2 is geared for acceleration. 0-60 is despatched 3.4 seconds and the top speed is limited to 134mph.

Friend of the Ariel Club and Ariel test driver Si “Sideways” Clark recalled his time with the Nomad 2 with a broad smile. “Its the only car I’ve had to back off in 4th gear due to wheel spin at Sweet Lamb Rally Stage. It’s the fastest thing I have ever driven on gravel!” Given that Si has driven a lot of machinery in a lot of interesting places, it would appear that root and branch recreation of the Nomad 2 has been time well spent for the team at Crewkerne.

With the test mule now dressed in a fetching red, the car’s “big boy tonka toy” is dialled to the max, and the improved aero, torsional stiffness (thanks in part to the thicker frame tubes) and cooling packages make the Nomad 2 a very desirable addition to the Ariel stable.

Posted by Steve Wind-Mozley

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