2024 Events Planner

With the nights drawing in and the weather starting to get a bit more ‘varied’, it’s time to start thinking about those jobs you’ve been putting off over summer. Jobs like hunting down that funny smell coming from the nose cone (fermented roadkill?) and fitting those rubber washers onto the helper springs to damp out their chatter.

It’s also time to start blocking some time out in the 2024 diary (or even better, 2024 Ariel Club Calendar – on sale soon)- as we are planning a bumper set of events for next year.

Dates will be confirmed over the next couple of months, but items of interest include:

Noise testing for Nick again (pardon?!)

Club Track Days – following the success of Castle Combe and Pembrey, we’ll be looking to increase the number of events and locations in 2024, so more members can take part. The factory are keen to support the days (subject to availability) and we’ll look at laying on instruction as well. Plus some insurers offer free cover for Club track days, yet another benefit of being a full member

I’m not addicted to yellow…

Coffee Runs – we’ll be running some early morning runs to interesting petrol head destinations throughout the year. If you have a favourite spot that is accessible by some interesting roads, do let us know.

Mud Baths – we’ll be looking to support some Nomad off-roading next year, giving members the chance to spend hours cleaning their cars afterwards. Let’s see if the smiles wear off before the elbow grease does.

Show ‘n’ Shines – we get invited to all the best places – show off your Ariel and you’ll often get VIP treatment – just tell ’em Ian sent you.

Dyno Days – how many horses has your little whip got? Is it making enough to make you grin? We’ll get it strapped down and made to howl (or scream if its got a ‘charger) and then you’ll know (probably).

Road Trips – longer runs, just for fun – enjoy your Atom, Ace or Nomad on some of the best routes known to man (just one man and he admittedly doesn’t get out all that much, but still…)

and more!

We’d love to add some European and American adventures to the list – let us know if you are planning anything and we can help.

Check back regularly, check the forum, subscribe to the Events WhatsApp group, 2024 is going to be epic.

Posted by Steve Wind-Mozley

Steve has ruined many cars over the years, modding them trying to get them to go around circuits quicker. Luckily Ariel did a pretty good job with the Atom, so now he mostly makes excuses about why he is not faster. He's a tech marketing bod so he loves a good game of buzzword bingo.