Sun’s out, guns out

OK, so depending on your given location, the time and the fickleness of the weather, the sun may not actually be out, and your ‘guns’ may well be staying properly clad in some quality Ariel.Club merch, but, hey, you get the idea. The northern hemisphere is heading into summer and that means that track time is top of mind for many of us.

With that in mind, why not head over to the forums and check out who is going to which track events. You might like to tag along and sign up for some track time or just watch the cars in their natural habitat.

Here’s a few threads that you may like to keep an eye on:

Track Days 2022

Ariel vs Mono @ Anglesey

Supercar Fest May 28/29 (some limited runway action)

If you are planning your own circuit session let us know and we’ll add the thread to the list above,

Feature image (C) Matt Howell

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