Salon Privé Supercar Saturday

Last few places left! Hurry if you fancy signing up – weather looks good for Saturday – pack your panama!

Grab you posh frocks folks, polish your ‘zorts and wipe your gun sights – Ariel Club have been invited to attend the Salon Privé Supercar Saturday event at Blenheim Palace on Saturday 2nd September, and you can be there!

Simply head over to and scroll down until you see the Ariel Club logo. Click the link and add the free paddock pass and at least one adult ticket to you basket and checkout.

Please then head over to the club forum here and let us know you’ll be attending as part of the club. As a Club Displayer you’ll be able to show your car in our exclusive parking and display area- in the paddock. Once you have bought your ticket, please do add your name to the list on the forum so we know who is coming and plan accordingly. .

Want know more? Check out this short video from our friends at Salon Privé that teases all that is in store, for what promises to be a very special day!

Salon Privé Supercar Saturday at Blenheim Palace – Join us for a thrilling, supercharged or turbocharged (for our 4 drivers) day out at Blenheim Palace as we join Supercar Saturday on 2nd September. Occupying both the North & South Lawns, it’s the biggest single day of the 4-day event with the Salon Privé Club Trophy by Lockton central to the day’s activities and a spectacular display of well over 1,500 privately-owned sports, super & hypercars all hoping to walk away with the top prize.

Posted by Steve Wind-Mozley

Steve has ruined many cars over the years, modding them trying to get them to go around circuits quicker. Luckily Ariel did a pretty good job with the Atom, so now he mostly makes excuses about why he is not faster. He's a tech marketing bod so he loves a good game of buzzword bingo.