Midsummer Gas 2019: 28-30 June

Ariel Club are pleased to announce this Midsummer Gas 2019, over the weekend of 28–30 June. This will be the second Midsummer Gas, after 2018’s successful inaugural MSG for club members and their guests. It’s the biggest club event of the year and will be well attended.

For 2019, Ariel Club has teamed up with Thruxton Racing to hire the wet skid pan and the off-road 4×4 circuit, exclusively, for the whole day on Friday 28 June.


Many owners have asked about ways to improve their Ariel car control and how they can get a feel for losing and recovering grip. The wet skid pan provides just this opportunity. It is a low-mechanical-wear, low-stress, safe environment to explore the limits of your car – whilst having an absolute blast skidding, spinning and drifting your Atom or Nomad. There will be courses to master and timed runs against the clock. Rest assured the club are working with Thruxton directly to ensure the day is a riot of entertainment. Just to be clear – the sprinklers are NOT running whilst cars are on the skid pan!

Five minutes away from the wet skid pan, we will also have private use of the off-road circuit. Those with Nomads are free to get their cars dirty and see how much of the course they can master. Those with Atoms (or Nomads that are strictly road use) can test their skill in Thruxton’s Land Rover Defenders which we also have use of – all day long.

The day will run from 8.30am to 4.30pm, giving us plenty of time to get back to the Bicester Hotel, Golf & Spa for our relaxed and informal BBQ, outside on the terrace, before continuing into the evening socialising and catching up with friends old and new.

Saturday will be similar to last year with a run out in the cars (route yet to be confirmed). This year the Nomads will join the Atoms on the road to give our first full club run for all cars, with a light lunch, and then back to the hotel again for a few hours relaxing before a drinks reception on the stunning terrace overlooking the golf course. A three-course dinner in the Windsor Room will follow. Those who joined us last year will remember both evenings for the weather, the views and the typical Ariel Club chilled-out vibe of the whole weekend. Unless there is another event locally, Sunday will be an opportunity to have a leisurely breakfast and head home.

Members and their guests are welcome to attend whichever parts of the weekend they can make. This event is a paid-up membership only event. You can book your tickets below:

Thruxton private club day tickets

Friday BBQ

Saturday dinner

Book your stay at the Bicester Hotel Golf & Spa

Hotel rooms range from £145 to £180 including breakfast. Please quote Ariel Club when booking. A deposit will be required.

You can follow the exact plans on the club forum.

A lot of hard work goes into making MSG the central part of the Ariel Club calendar so as much support as possible would be appreciated. To those who attended last year – it will be great to see you again and please let everyone know what a superb event it was. We would love to see new members and old members alike. Get the date in your diary and don’t forget to book!

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