Lightweight Battery Discount

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Ariels and Nomads are famously light weight cars out of the box/factory. However, a quick raid of the options list will offer you the ability to shed pounds and pounds. Carbon fibre body panels, carbon fibre wheels, carbon fibre brake discs and more.

For some, the quest for less weight continues, with some members even reporting that they skip that extra slice of pie before going out on a drive. Some feel that may be taking things a bit far, but the laws of physics hold firm on the simple fact that less weight equals a higher power to weight ration which equals more smiles per mile.

Club member Marek was pondering this weighty problem recently and reached out to Deadweight Industries, who manufacture a range of high performance, lightweight batteries. Their stated mission is help drivers eliminate deadweight in their cars.

Deadweight reckon that their Touge 200 battery would be ideal for an Atom and are offering Club members 10% off any order. The 200 weights just 2kgs (some 5Kg less than the standard fit unit) and utulises the latest lithium iron phosphate tech to pack more energy storage into a smaller mass for a longer lasting charge.

Deadweight Industries Touge 200 LiFePO4

The currently costs £345, so the 10% club discount more than covers the cost of membership! Bargain!

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Posted by Steve Wind-Mozley

Steve has ruined many cars over the years, modding them trying to get them to go around circuits quicker. Luckily Ariel did a pretty good job with the Atom, so now he mostly makes excuses about why he is not faster. He's a tech marketing bod so he loves a good game of buzzword bingo.