Grab a beer, some mates and go flat out!

No, we have not taken a leap back to the 70’s when blokes were blokes, seat belts were optional and the tricky corner back from the pub kept the local body shop in business. We are talking about EA’s latest offering for the award winning GRID racing franchise.

The big news for GRID Legends is not the attention to fun and playability, rather than hyper realistic physics (let’s face it we own the most exciting real world vehicles already, so being able to shake free from the limits of Newtonian laws in the pursuit of joy and giggles is refreshing) the game majors on spectacle. Grids of up to 22 cars, and here’s the thing that made us sit down and grab a controller, they can all be Atom 3.5s!

Available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC this is fun racer, not a full on sim, so don’t take it too seriously, grab a beer, and head out for some hectic, action packed racing fun.

Posted by Steve Wind-Mozley

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