Ace Day at the Ace Cafe

Date: Sunday 21st November

Temperature: Chilly

Location: Ace Cafe, North Circular. London

Event: Ariel Motor Cycle Owner’s Club 70th Anniversary

A chilly start (top tip people, heated gloves and jackets are a boon when driving Nomads, Aces and Atoms in single digit temperatures) was rewarded with a good turn out of Ariel’s from the past and the present (and maybe the Nomad R is from the future).

Nomad R – madder than a box of frogs on acid
Goldly looking frame
The sun shone on the Atom 4s.
Clean Ariel Machines
The Ariel Factory bought some toys to display
The Southern Chapter was well represented, with IanG slipping in at the back!

What is better than an early morning drive, little traffic on the roads and the promise of a good breakfast at the end of it? Maybe a little more heat? The cool ambient temps may have added a few bhp and they certainly made a nice hot cup of tea even more appreciated at one arrival at the Ace Cafe.

Photos courtesy of Peter255, Som and IanG

Posted by Steve Wind-Mozley

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