A Nomadic Mono Atom?

Ariel Club Track day double header

Have you ever fancied seeing if your highly practical car is good at going around in circles? Perhaps you have tried a few track days and delighted in being able to use all of the car’s performance in relative safety, secure in the knowledge that 7,000 rpm in 4th is not going to lose you your license? Maybe you are a track dweller or racer, for whom everything else is just waiting?

Whatever your track experience, one of the biggest complaints I hear in the paddock at open trackdays is the standard of other people’s driving. Taking your car on track requires a fair bit of mutual trust between each of the track day drivers. On the whole, anyone who has committed the time and effort to get their car on track is probably a good egg, but just occasionally a knave in a ropey looking jalopy can take the shine off, just ask Lewis (or Max).

Luckily we have the answer. Working with a friendly group of BAC Mono owners, we have secured a two day, exclusive use, circuit hire deal from Anglesey Circuit.

When: 21-22nd June 2022

Where: Anglesey, Wales

How much: Circa 395 GBP per car per day

Max Numbers: 10 Ariels plus 10 Monos

How cool: Very.

Have a look at the thread on the forum here for the details and to register your interest. If you fancy doing a day or both days, then we’ll be looking to take deposits in mid Jan to secure to places.

We are also working on accommodation packages, so the forum is the place to be for the inside info on this.

Update: We have secured a number of hotel spaces so if you do fancy coming can you indicate if you are interested in accommodation and if so, for which days on the forum?

Posted by Steve Wind-Mozley

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