The Supercar Event 2018

Kids. Kids in Ferraris. Kids in Lamborghinis. Kids in Ariels.

The Supercar Event has been an annual fundraiser for The Children’s Trust since 2006. Traditionally held at Dunsfold Aerodrome, the home of Top Gear, in 2018 it moves to a new home at Rockingham Motor Speedway. It is an opportunity for the public to ride in a range of fast and classic cars, driven by their owners. Every ticket purchase goes to help the Trust carry out it’s invaluable work for children with brain injury. In fact, it’s now their largest annual event. In 2017, £115,000 was handed over.

There is no more joyous time to be had in your Atom or Nomad. Driving wildly enthusiastic kids (and a few brave adults) around a circuit is one of the best days in the motoring calendar for an Ariel owner. The eight-year-old sat beside you, whooping his head off, has a poster of your car on his bedroom wall and today is a dream come true.

The Supercar Event 2018 will be held over the weekend of 7/8 July and tickets are already on sale. If you’d like to give rides in your Ariel, for one or both days, get in touch with the organisers and ask for Peter Dietsch.

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