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A 3.5 in the workshop

There are a number of benefits to being a fully paid up member of the Ariel Club. The two benefits that most UK based members value the most are discounted insurance (from selected providers) and discounted labour rates at the factory.

You’ll know that ‘main dealer’ labour rates can be eyewatering, often adding hundreds to the cost of a scheduled service, upgrade or repair. Thanks to our founding members ability to use a telephoto lens and a wire tap, we have been able to convince Steve ‘Rookie’ Rook to offer our paid up members a discount on all Ariel Motor Company labour rates.

So if you are having your annual service, maybe upgrading to an aero package or stepping up your stopping power, make sure you let the factory know you are paid up member by telling them your membership number. They’ll check this against our current member list (in a GDPR compliant manner, of course) and you’ll have secured a big enough saving to buy a flagon or two of Somerset cider.

Where do I find my membership number?

When you renew your annual membership subscription, the membership machine engineered by Ian G will send you an email to say thanks. It will also contain your new membership number. This is unique to you and is the key to unlocking some great benefits, so keep it safe.

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