Coffee and cars?

Are you a tea drinker, a coffee sipper or a caffeine free zone? Whatever your tipple, you’ll have noticed the proliferation of cars and coffee cafes and venues that have been springing up to cater for petrol-headed beverage botherers.

Some of the Club ventured over to Podium Place in Newbury where we ogled some lovely metal and swigged some pretty potent brews. A 3.5R, a 3.5 310 K24, a 3.5 310 K20 and a 4 braved bullocks, pheasants, deer and cowpats in order to bring you this image. No wildlife was harmed, however new underwear may have been required.

Podium Place, some Atoms and a some coffee

If you and your local ‘molecule’ have been out to a coffee stop, let us know and we’ll feature it here

Posted by Ariel Club

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