Calendar girls

Well, OK cars, specifically Nomads and Atoms.

Yes it’s that time of year again, the wizards at will be cranking up their hi-tech presses to produce the most eagerly awaited publication of the year – the Official 2024 Ariel Club Calendar. Accept no substitutes, all other calendars are clearly not the real deal!

This is what last year’s looked like – what will make the cover this year?

To find out if your car is one of the dozens of cars featured, all you need to do is get your name down for a copy or ten. Due to circumstances within our control, these calendars will not be shipped before the festive season, but they will be with you by early January.

Secure 12 months of Ariel based joy for just £15.99 today.

Did this shot make it in? Buy the calendar to find out!

Price: £15.99 including postage and packaging. Despite there being 1 extra day in the year, we have managed to keep the price the same as last year – so thats a whole heap of Ariel loveliness for just a dime/4 pence a day!

How to order: Simply pop over to the forum here and get your name down and email your order and delivery address(es) to us at We’l send you payment details and then we’ll sober the elves up and get them to pop your lovely slabs of wood pulp and ink in the post.

Posted by Steve Wind-Mozley

Steve has ruined many cars over the years, modding them trying to get them to go around circuits quicker. Luckily Ariel did a pretty good job with the Atom, so now he mostly makes excuses about why he is not faster. He's a tech marketing bod so he loves a good game of buzzword bingo.