Spring has sprung!

Podium Place

The plan was simple: meet up and head down to Winchester Auto Barn for the first cars’n’coffee breakfast bash of the season. First rally point was at the trusty Tott’s Hill Services on the A34 where Ian premiered his new club themed livery. We met two new members, Damien and FarmerJames and headed down to Winchester. And the lorry was wrong, what we really needed was a bacon butty.

Turns out that pretty much everyone with an interesting car had had the same idea – the joint was rammed. Sven, who had driven down from London, took one look at the crowds and the haphazard parking on grass verges and in ditches and turned right around and blasted off back home. Reports suggest that the Auto Barn expected 100 cars and over 600 turned up, including a fair number of police traffic units.

We bailed and headed for the relative tranquility of Podium Place where another new member, Marek, who did actually manage to park up at the Auto barn and snapped these pics met us.

At Podium Place Ian was keen to show off his latest erections. Luckily these turned out to be the groovy new Club flags that he had had made up. These are great for giving the club a little bit of a profile and if you’d like to fly them at your next Ariel run or meet up, give us a shout on the contact us form here

Posted by Steve Wind-Mozley

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