On track at Le Mans

The picture you see is my Atom a very short while after the Le Mans 2016 race finished.

24 hours of cars screaming round, a fantastic finish, and the winners and their cars all celebrating by the pits.

I spotted a gap in the wall, used as the entrance for an earlier support race, and decided to go for a drive. On track and unchallenged, I stopped on the start finish straight for a few pics, before breezing round, taking in the long Mulsanne straight, the tighter Indianapolis and Arnage corners and the Porsche curves before taking it a fair bit easier round Ford chicanes.

Sure I wasn’t racing, wasn’t even going too fast, but the feeling of driving the famous track so soon after the famous race. Something I’ll remember forever.

Posted by Phil Hough

Phil is the IT man at Ariel Club. He has been a petrolhead and a geek from a young age. The third car (one neither his wife nor he needed for work) suddenly opened the doors for some fun machinery. The most extreme of which, to date, is the Atom. Luckily, he still has a little room for a motorbike or three in the garage, too.