From fat to fast

Talk on the forum is that we can make these cars a little faster. Turbocharge a 2.4? Extra boost pressure on the supercharger? It’s all been done, so how else can these incredible vehicles edge an extra tenth on the 0-60 or quarter mile?

So January comes, most owners’ pride and joys are tucked up in the garage and you might as well put the quiet months to good use, no? In steps owner Reg with Fat Club 2017.

Challenge offered, challenge accepted.

Over the last few years my wife and I have had a couple of children, moved to a new house and life has been pretty comfortable. I know I’ve put on a few pounds. I’ll sort that out next year I keep telling myself (and her!). And so it has been for five years now. Far from the pounds being shed, there has been considerably more investment in my 12 pack than I had intended!

Reg chucks his hat in the ring. “Each year, after a very merry xmas I find myself larger than life. Jan – March I quit alcohol and shit food entirely. It started as a bet with a mate five years ago, but has just carried on. The weight loss and general sobriety brings many benefits. I am not evangelical about it but I’d miss it now if I didn’t get back on the ol’ wagon.”

Maybe I just needed something a bit new to get back on the wagon with some others who are all aiming for the same goal. Now is the time.

I get on the scale. They ask me politely to step off again. OK, so it wasn’t quite that bad but it wasn’t good. For a car knocking on 550/600kg, I’m adding a fair amount to that again so I can make a huge difference here by shedding a few kilogrammes.

So why a forum post about a load of blokes shedding a few lbs? OK look, it’s nothing new but given owners spend thousands, if not tens of thousands of pounds producing their ultimate track/road weapon, it seems a little daft to overlook the obvious.

So I’m in. Others have joined and before we know it we have a decent amount of competition on our hands! This could even be fun! Reg’s promise of a good curry at the end of it all is a cracking point to aim for at the end of March. Two weeks in, progress is good and I want this year to be the year I properly do something about it.

We shall keep you updated on Fat Club progress, on how much we can shift before the spring arrives. Who knows, we may even shave two tenths off that 0-60…

Posted by Alex Brandon-Smith

Having been an active club member and owner for a number of years, Alex became president of the old Ariel Atom Owners Club in 2016. His first job was to relaunch the club with the help of some rather clever members. Under the new name of Ariel Club, and bringing together a new website and forum, the new club allows all Ariel vehicle owners to come together as a global club in one space. Hopefully you like what you see and the team have achieved their goal. Investor, property landlord, business partner and husband to Ginette at Lucina Fitness, Alex occasionally finds the time for trackdays, skiing and watching the rugby!