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Re: Welcome to the New Forum

Post by 03UFO » Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:29 pm

Hi - Ive never used a forum before. So Im not at all sure this is the right raise this. Praps u can put me straight.
How would I know if u had even replied to this, short of doing some kind of search everyday?
Any chance u could email me at seaguls@btinternet.com to assist me with some basics.

Id like to access the expertise out there about my Atom 3.5 clunky suspension, which Im heartily sick of. Some say its a feature u have to live with. I find this hard to believe. Ive done a search but no real luck.

Ariel factory swapped the springs for dual rate - so no little red helper coils, but its no better.
Only thing which improved it a bit is tightly wrapping the bellcrank joints with bungy cord… and winding up the dampers, but its still not a complete cure.

Who wants to drive a car when it clanks every time one goes over a hole in our lovely well maintained roads…

Really hope u can help with both these questions.
Best regards
Richard (User ID 03UFO)
(I am a member of the club)

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Re: Welcome to the New Forum

Post by Alex Brandon-Smith » Tue Apr 23, 2019 7:33 pm

Hi Richard, welcome! I'll email this response to you also so you'll get it.

Basically, when you start a thread or comment in a thread, any responses usually generate an email which goes to the email address you specified to log in with. Then you can log onto the forum, and under notifications (top right) you'll see where someone has responded to you. Another way to quickly see what's going on is to log on and hit "Quick Links" (top left hand corner) and then "Unread Posts". This will show you all the posts that have been commented on or created since you last logged in and clicked that button. That's the simplest way to see what's going on.

As for the clunking...yep welcome to the club! The best thing I found was a number of years ago we had some rubber made up which was stuck to the helper springs. This dropped the noise level significantly, but not completely. It's still a pretty mechanical beast and that's part of the love.

I'll try and find the thread and report back.

Any other issues, just ask or email us!

310=325! That'll be the Presidential Remap kicking in... :vroom:

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