Help getting Atoms road legal in EU

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Help getting Atoms road legal in EU

Post by NickDenmark » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:09 pm


My intend to start this topic is to gather help and info on registration of Atoms within the EU and in my case Denmark. The more info avalible - the better chance of getting an Atom road legal, for owners and upcoming owners.

I just drove to UK from Copenhagen 12 january, and returned 42 hours later. I rented a autotransporter, so I was not speed limited by towing a trailer.
My dream car. Atom 2 300, 2006 ;D But this thread is dedicated to gather info on the road legal term.
So if you feel you can contribute with any kind of help to me or others - please do so.

To start with myself. Bought with the intend of getting road legal. Or at least getting some road time. In Denmark we can buy single day numberplates for any car to use with MOT, demonstration for a potential buyer, after repairs or when moving a vechicle from one place to another. The hole process is very regulated. But can be used...if you do so in oily clothes and a good explanation without passengers.

At this time, I have put +100 hours into getting it road legal. I am willing to really give it my best effort, 1-2 years and several hundreds of hours to get it registred. Might fly to Somerset, to get their help fulfilling the documents attached.

It has to obey the same rules as normal cars, which is written down in 1200 pages of laws. I have read a lot of them by now, and the chances is 50 / 50. I am in close contact with a danish chief ingenier, from the danish road safety. Who has to give me thumbs up regarding the safety of the steering coluhm for instance.

But there is help for me. Due to EU and cars produced under 1000 cars a year, I dont need to obey crash test, ABS, ESP and a lot of other things that would make it 100% impossibly. For your own interest, have a look at my attached document, which I need to get road legal.

Will keep this up 2 date with my progress.

For now, my possibly problems is....list will get way longer and problems way bigger. But a lot is already removed from the list. No envorimental rules - just catalytic converter, no ESP, brake assist and so on.

Different rolling diameter front / rear tyres. Rear view mirror. Seat belts. Hight from chassis to ground. 3 brake light. Snap off steering wheel.



EDIT# It wont allow me to upload my document - can anybody help?


Re: Help getting Atoms road legal in EU

Post by NickDenmark » Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:36 pm

Attachment seems succesful. Its in english.

On a side note. Wasnt too happy with only 1 key fob included in the sale. So had one made today in Copenhagen. Cheap, but still expensive since it took 2-3 minutes. Price 40£
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Re: Help getting Atoms road legal in EU

Post by John Scherrer » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:41 pm

Don't give up on the ABS possibility !

A trial Bosch ABS System was fitted to an American Atom a few years ago.

Here's a poor quality image describing it from a page in Speed Sport Magazine back in 2013.
Bosch ABS.jpg
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Re: Help getting Atoms road legal in EU

Post by NickDenmark » Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:54 pm

Thanks for the article. But I am not required to have ABS,and prefer it that way.
In fact, only brake regulations I have to obey, is the front tires have to block before the rear...and also prefer it that way hehe.

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