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Re: Child molestor was Atom enthusiast - not cool

Post by Jacob Potts » Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:57 am

[quote="Jacob Potts"]
[quote="CalScot"]I was actually molested by my best friends dad when I was 10. (Swear on my mothers grave I'm not joking)[/quote]
Oh, CalScot, I am so sorry that happened to you.

You are incredibly brave to talk about it, here on such a male-dominated website.  One on which people know you and can give you an exceedingly hard time.  I salute you, sir![/quote]
[quote="CalScot"]I also have a 13 yr old son. I'm also the most stable hetrosexual guy your ever likely to meet.

I still think it's funny![/quote]
I am glad that you have healed from that.  Sexual abuse of a child causes deep wounds.  I am glad you are better.

Jacob Potts[/quote]
[quote="CalScot"]No need to feel sorry Jacob. It's just a part of the unique jourmey we all have in life. I for one feel for my friend, who later in life knew about his dad's behavior and it really screwed him up to this day.[/quote]
Okay, CalScot, no pity for you!  :D  But what of your friend?  Yes, I know that you said that your friend was not abused, but he is burden by the knowledge of his father's--activities.  He is another casualty in the "bomb blast", as it were, that child sexual abuse creates.  And the man's wife, and the man's friends, and his associates.  The shock waves spread far.
[quote="CalScot"]This is a subject that many find disturbing and distasteful.[/quote]
Agreed.  In general, Americans blank their minds from it, and physically shift away when the topic comes up.
[quote="CalScot"]Nobody more so than me.[/quote]
Perhaps none but those who have suffered the abuse know precisely how disturbing it really is, and how distasteful.
[quote="CalScot"][font=Palatino Lnotype][size=120]However, even at that age, I could rationalize the event and thankfully had the maturity to realize it was not my doing, I had no guilt and I had nothing to be ashamed of or baggage to carry with me in my life.[/quote]
[font=Palatino Lnotype][size=120]Wow!  There's the key!  You have dared to know that, and, knowing that, you have won.

Jacob Potts

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