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Le Mans - www.spiritofclubvalan.com

Post by Cjg62 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:50 am

For anybody still thinking of going to Le Mans this year, or in the future, can I put a plug in for a camp site I seem to have become a part owner of! ::)


A group of us from our village stayed there last year only to find out that the owners were retiring. After a lot of discussions, mainly over fine ale, four of us have taken on the running of the site...........

The site, which has ample of room for parking is located on the opposite side of the airport with a free shuttle bus running every 10/15 minutes to the main entrance.

We will be catering on site with breakfasts and evening meals served in a club marquee.

I will be driving there in my Atom. It would be great if more could join me!


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