Atom Front Wing Disintegrates - Dangerous item from Skunkwurx

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Atom Front Wing Disintegrates - Dangerous item from Skunkwurx

Post by Garmster » Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:08 pm

Hi Guys,

This is all about my experience with Skunwurx as well as how a front spoiler/wing I purchase from them for my Ariel Atom disintegrated at 140MPH along kemmel straight at SPA, the first day ever I took my Atom out with the Skunkwurx spoiler / front wing fitted.

I'm providing the following information for safety reasons and before somebody gets badly hurt or even worse. I purchased the front wing spoiler from Skunkworx because there was a significant cost saving on the factory option. WHY WHY WHY did I not just pay the money and no be cheap. Anyway, here is the link to the item dangerous item provided by Skunkwurx: ... fibre.html

As you can see, still not very cheap at £899. Now before I get going on to how the front spoiler disintegrated at 140mph at SPA along the Kemmel Straight, I want to disclose that I fully expect the owner of Skunkworx Hamid (The Millionaire) to comeback with every excuse under the sun as to why the spoiler / front wing failed. I expect him to say that we should all be so grateful to him for providing a alternative Atom aftermarket service and that he only take peoples money part time and that taking peoples money is just a hobby. And that he don't rip people off for a living, he only does it as a part time job. At the same time he'll probably remind us, he's a "Millionaire"... lmfao ;D ;D ;D . Apologies for the tangent but if you have ever spoken to this joker you would know exactly what I mean.

I paid for the spoiler using paypal because quite simply from the get go I did not trust this company but I figured that by using paypal it will at least secure me in terms of the items I purchased. From the get go we had problems; we received only certain items and half the order was left off. I had to keep chasing him and he simply would never respond. If he ever did respond, it would have been after weeks of chasing and only after threatening to raise a paypal case. On one particular item he suggested he had done me a massive favour by taking the spoiler bracket off his own Atom and sending it to us..... You joker.... I paid you for a new one. >:( >:( >:( . Honestly, how this guy rationalises things in his head is so fucked up, its unreal.

Back to the front wing disintegrating, I'm driving along Kemmel straight and I hear a small explosion type sound (see the video link below); I slow down and make my way back to the pits. Luckily the spoiler was so sh1t it was never actually providing any aero of value, it should have unsettled the car at that speed and sent me into the wall. I actually got back to the pits, took off what was left of the front wing and started putting in better lap times. You can see the rest from the pictures and the youtube video link below. ... 64qz7&t=0s

Skunkwurx AKA Hamid Mahmood TAQUI has no interest in refunding me money, as he only does this for a hobby...lmfao. That's OK, first I will pursue him through Paypal, then I will take him to small claims court. These guys are a bunch of crooks, albeit part time and only do it as a hobby, oh and did I mention, he is a "Millionaire"...lmfao.

They start one company, dissolve the company and start in another name... OH YES Hamid, I will be informing MR Tax man of what you have done, because you never shutdown the company, and carried on trading.

I'll keep you all updated. I strongly urge you guys, please do your homework before making any purchases from Skunwurx. They sell products which are cheap, nasty and extremely dangerous and that's only ever if you get the products in the first place.
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