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Ohlins setup

Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2022 11:25 am
by PaulF
I bought some Ohlins TTX with track springs for my Atom 3. I installed them on the car but could not reach the desired ride heights - pushrods are bottoming out and the car is still 15mm too high.

Took it for a test on a trackday and have issues coming out of corners - inside right wheel lifts, LSD cannot lock and I have no power going to the ground.

Tried changing the height on the dampers but apparently that doesn't work - ride height should be set on the pushrods.

Can anyone give some advice on setup? I never use it on the road so pure track setup. Spring length (unloaded), ride height and corner balancing (cross %) would be a massive help.

Also, I'm running cup wishbones so that might affect things. Think I'll need shorter pushrods.

Re: Ohlins setup

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2022 10:58 am
by HenryJS
Sounds like you need a trip to see the Belgian dealer! :)

Re: Ohlins setup

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2022 3:57 pm
by plip1953
Maybe you need helper springs as these will allow more travel on droop/rebound?