Welcome to the Ariel Club shop. The clothing we sell here is exclusive to Ariel Club, with graphics designed by Steve Gibson. If you see it elsewhere (and it’s not a well-worn example on ebay), it’s hookey. Like Ariel, we’re perfectionists when it comes to materials and manufacturing, so this is good quality gear. For example – our t-shirts are made of heavyweight cotton and the graphics are computer-cut vinyl, so they’re pin sharp and the colours are consistent across the entire shirt. We’ll be adding new colours, new designs and new products over time, so do keep checking back for new stuff. You can also buy club membership here and tickets for club events or track days. The shop is run by volunteers and all shop profits go straight back into the club, so fill your trolley and drive it like you mean it.

Heads up! We have turned off customer accounts for the foreseeable future. This does not affect your ability to buy anything.

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